Looking for Home PC Repair in Bakersfield?

The computer techs at PC Tech Bakersfield, can help with desktop and pc laptop repair services.

Improve Efficiency

Is your computer’s performance reduce? We can quicken your machine with a selection of solutions consisting of memory upgrades, spyware as well as infection elimination, system optimization, and detailed cleansings. There are a couple various approaches:

Clean Install

We could rub your computer system clean and start fresh. We will re-install your current operating system and do all the updates.

Computer Speed-Up

A complete tune-up of your computer system will certainly clear out all the infection and spyware with visibly increased efficiency. You will not lose any of you information with a tune-up. Virus Removal(link to anti-virus page) can help with this.

Restarts and Never Logs On

If your computer system consistently restarts itself, ices up, or does not entirely load right into the operating system, this usually shows a crashing hard disk drive. Nonetheless, this sort of issue can be brought on by other troubles such as bad memory or a falling short motherboard. We will detect this issue for you and recommend a remedy. The price of this repair work varies considerably so we suggest bring you computer system to us for a totally free analysis, whereupon we could get you a specific quote.

Does Turn On

This sign typically shows either a problem with the power supply or the motherboard. Frequently this is due to the power supply in a home computer as well as typically the motherboard in a laptop computer. Motherboard substitutes are usually expensive as well as time consuming while power supply substitutes could be performed while you wait. If you are experiencing this issue, please bring your computer to us and we’ll do a cost-free analysis to establish precisely what is incorrect with the computer system and just how much it will cost to fix it.

Loud Disk Drive

A noisy hard drive usually suggests you hard disk drive is failing. Stop using your computer right away as well as bring it into us.The even more you use your computer, the higher the chance of shedding all your information.

Arbitrarily Shuts Down/ Getting Too Hot

If your computer system randomly turns off this normally indicates a home heating trouble. This might be brought on by a falling short fan, a weak hardware component, or just a loose screw. Bring your computer system or laptop to us and also we’ll perform a totally free diagnostic as well as offer you with an exact quote.

Broken Laptop LCD Screen

The screen inside your laptop computer is comparable to a plasma screen as well as merely as expensive. If your computer system was made within the last few years this repair service ought to be worth doing. If you have an older device you may desire to offer us a call before you bring it in. Repair work expenses will certainly differ greatly depending on your specific screen, so bring it in and we’ll give you a quote!

Wobbly Laptop Computer Power Jack

A slack power jack might look like a cost-effective repair work, however unfortunately it takes us an excellent quantity of time to take your laptop computer completely apart as well as re-attach the jack.

Dim Laptop Display

In this situation either the light bulb in the screen has gone bad, or the inverter board that powers the bulb is malfunctioning. These repair works are commonly simple as well as finished with Two Days. Like all repairs, bring your laptop computer to our store for a free diagnostic as well as an exact quote.