Virus Removal Bakersfield

The team at PC Tech Bakersfield works hard to stop viruses before they start with our managed service plans, but if you aren’t on our MSP services we can still help. Malware and viruses can cause data loss and slow computer issues we are here to help remove them.

Antivirus History: A brief look

A virus is a malware that seeks to alter the normal operation of a computer, without the permission or knowledge of the user. Viruses usually replace executable files with other infected code. Viruses can destroy, intentionally, the data stored on a computer, although there are also other more harmless, that only cause minor issues. The abilities of Computer viruses range from a simple joke to others that make significant damage to systems, or block networks by generating useless traffic.
The operation of a computer virus is conceptually simple. A program that is infected is unknowingly ruin by the user. The virus code is resident (hosted) in the RAM of the computer, even when the program that contained it has finished executing. The virus then takes control of the basic services of the operating system, infecting executable and other files.
The first virus attacked IBM machine Series 360 (and recognized as such). It was called Creeper, was created in 1972. This program periodically show on the screen a message saying: “I’m a creeper … catch me if you can!” ( “I’m a creeper … Catch me if you can! ‘). To eliminate this problem the first antivirus program was created called Reaper (cutter).
However, the term virus is not decided on until 1984. Victor Vyssotsky , Robert Morris Sr. and Doug McIlroy , researchers at Bell developed a computer game called Darwin (which derived from Core Wars ) consisting eliminate opponents program RAM occupying the entire play area (sand).

After 1984 , viruses have had changed alot, from some which attack boot sectors of floppy disks to others which are attached in an email.